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Many dentists live lives of quiet desperation and discontent: after years of school and training, you've finally attained your dream of opening your own practice only to learn that the reality is far from what you hoped:

  • stressful days with decreasing revenue
  • broken appointments and unrealistic patient expectations of what their insurance will cover
  • staff drama, incompetency, office politics and unfocused management

Does any of this sound familiar? It doesn't have to be this way.

Dentists that learn to work smarter, not harder, are the ones that rediscover both the joy of practicing their profession and the reasons they opened their own practices to begin with. And often the most successful practices today were once where you are today. How did they reset their paths? They sought the help of Dental Practice Coaching.

As experienced Dental Practice Coaches, we help identify the underlying causes of the problems you are experiencing in your practice and help you improve the areas that you want improved with a results-oriented focus that does not sacrifice what makes your practice uniquely yours.

This is because we recognize that, like the people that open them, all practices are different. We will never force a "one size fits all" system into your practice. Instead, we will spend time getting to know you and your team before a plan for improvement is formulated. Together, you, your team and our team will set about to develop a path for improvement that fits your personal vision.



Smile Potential Dental Practice Coaching

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"In the mid-to-late-90's I had a solid practice. A series of life setbacks including two years of disability left my practice, in 2002, a shell of what it had been. Throughout my career I had been a student of practice management. I went to every course and knew exactly what needed to be done, but always hesitated to implement what I had learned." read more »