• Dr. Steven Katz is one of the top coaches in dentistry. As a practice owner and clinician he has seen it all - tragedy, failure, and eventually tremendous success. Steve's compassion and desire to help others combined with his highly productive practice make him the perfect person to motivate his colleagues. Dr. Katz reveals all of the tips, tricks and secrets you need to know to achieve similar success.–Dr. Richard Madow, The Madow Brothers

  • Dr. Katz has spent a lifetime gathering the “secrets” of how to create a successful dental practice. Not only does he reveal the answers to these critical questions, but more importantly, he greatly articulates the understanding behind WHY patients ask these questions and WHY the answers work. Learning more about the WHY itself, is a lifetime of intentional work. I have always said that there are two types of practices in dentistry: People who fix teeth and people who change lives. They are two completely different businesses. Neither is good or bad. You just have to pick how you want to experience yourself in this great profession. If you choose to change people’s lives you will need some help along the way, some perspective, some wisdom. Dr. Steve Katz has provided this for me and so many others in dentistry.–Kirk Behrendt, Act Dental Consulting / International Dental Consultant and Speaker

  • Dr. Steven Katz wowed his audiences at the Speaking Consulting Network in Tampa, and walked away with first place in the Spotlight on Speaking event for up and coming super star speakers. He did the same before an audience of more than 1500 people three months later at TBSE in Miami Beach. His personal story of Success/Failure/Success tells of going to the depths of despair when most dentists and teams would have given up all hope....He knows how to turn lemons into lemonade. He and his business partner Kelly are two of the rising stars in practice and team development coaching. Treat your audience to this wonderful message of hope which is what dentists and teams need to hear after trying times in a tough economy when they too feel like giving up. Steve and Kelly's management and marketing strategies will bring standing ovations as they have in all presentations since they started their business, SMILE POTENTIAL DENTAL PRACTICE COACHING.–Linda Miles, Founder, LLM & Associates and Speaking Consulting Network, Co-Founder, Oral Cancer Cause and EPIC II


We have the power to truly change lives.

Dr. Steven Katz transformed his practice into a multi-million dollar business in just a few years.  At Smile Potential, we are eager to help others accomplish the same success.   How we can help you achieve your goals?  We have seen and done it all!  We’ll work with you for as long as you need… and we guarantee our results.

Proven communication skills to increase Case Acceptance.

What sets our program apart from other Dental Practice Coaches? We are practicing dental professionals, located in your neighborhood. We’ve encountered the same challenges that you may have in your practice.  This understanding provides a common starting point for us to approach solutions together.

The secrets to practice success and fulfillment.

We don’t try to fit cookie-cutter business management models into dentistry practices. Dentistry is our lives. We have tested and discovered strategies and systems that are necessary building blocks for a long-lasting and satisfying practice.  One that works within the unique vision and goals you have established.



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